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The Long Moment by Michael Hermesh

The personal significance of this piece came to me as a compete surprise.

I was sculpting with the intent of exploring the theme of father and son. I came to realize that what I was sculpting was actually an exact moment in my past, a very vivid memory. I grew up in small town Saskatchewan, my father used to leave for longer periods to work in the north, one day about a week before Christmas my father was again on his way out the front door, I was sitting on the floor looking up at him when I had the strong thought; “pay attention and remember your father because you may never see him again.” He was dead soon after.

I also became conscious that I am now roughly the age of my father at that time. I realized that as I was sculpting my father I was to some extant doing a self-portrait. That father and child are both part of who I am now. The moment is with me always.

Michael Hermesh

The Long Moment by Michael Hermesh

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