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The Conversation by Michael Hermesh – Preview; There Are No Secrets

This is a new ceramic sculpture called The Conversation by Michael Hermesh. It is 21.5 inches high by 23 inches wide by 4.5 inches deep. It depicts two male nude figures on their knees with silent distance between them. There is tension in their hands and bodies that gives an emotional intensity to both of their stances and allows the impression of earnest intent between them. Their nudity suggests vulnerability and because of this there is a shared awareness between them. This emotionally dynamic sculpture will be a part of Michael Hermesh’s show – There Are No Secrets, which is scheduled to open on November 8, 2012.

Self awareness is the act of looking, we see ourselves in the eyes of others.

Michael Hermesh


The Conversation by Michael Hermesh

Ceramic; 21.5 inches x 23 x 4.5 inches
There Are No Secrets,
November 8th to 29, 2012, Petley Jones Gallery

1554 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver BC V6J 1R2,
p: (604) 732 5353 | toll free: 1 888 732 5353 | f: (604) 732 5350 |

When sculpting or drawing a person I always like to think that the narrative behind the face is always much more descriptive than the exact physical representation. Objects or thoughts also have the power of narrative existence.

Michael Hermesh