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she was an animist – Michael Hermesh

she was an animist

***UPDATE:  This work is currently available at the White Rock Gallery***

 1247 Johnston Road White Rock, BC, CANADA V4B 3Y9

Telephone:  604.538.4452  Toll-Free:  1.877.974.4278

This is the second of the five brand new works that premiered at the Penticton Art Gallery for the group show called Terroir: Physically Speaking. It is ceramic sculpture that is about 23 inches tall by 13.75 inches wide and 5.25 inches deep and is titled “She was an Animist”.

I do not have a clue about how the universe is put together but I very much doubt it is put
together as a spiritual hierarchy. The idea of animism – where all things are treated with the respect due a spiritual entity does not seem like such a bad operating principal though. I love the idea that a rock exists because it wants to.

Michael Hermesh

Terroir: Physically Speaking

March 22 to May 12, 2013  at the

Penticton Art Gallery

 199 Marina Way,
 Penticton, BC V2A 1H3
 Phone: 250.493.2928

This is a group show that includes Stephan BircherRose BraunMichael HermeshWanda LockShauna Oddleifson, and Johann Wessels

 This show will feature some New Sculpture, Paintings and Drawings by Michael Hermesh