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Flight School for Existentialists – Michael Hermesh

Flight School for Existentialists

This is one of the five brand new works that will be going into the Penticton Art Gallery for the group show called Terroir: Physically Speaking. It is  ceramic sculpture that is about 14 inches tall by 13.75 inches wide and 5 inches deep and is titled “Flight for Existentialists”. The theme is also brought out in the two main materials used, with the ephemera of the feather material  juxtaposed against solidity and weight of the ceramic and the distortion of scale in the weight being given to the lower extremities and the opposite to the upper torso.

 There is a consistent theme in my work in that much of my sculpture concerns itself with the dichotomy of weight and flight. It is a  kind of Led Zeppelin, Iron Butterfly, Icarus dilemma. It is a universal concern and we face it alone. We also experience it in the context of the shared stories that are our identities.

Michael Hermesh

Terroir: Physically Speaking

Opening March 22, 2013 7pm at the

Penticton Art Gallery

 199 Marina Way,
 Penticton, BC V2A 1H3
 Phone: 250.493.2928

This is a group show that includes Stephan BircherRose BraunMichael HermeshWanda LockShauna Oddleifson, and Johann Wessels

 This show will feature some New Sculpture, Paintings and Drawings by Michael Hermesh

This Sculpture is now available at the

Petley Jones Gallery

1554 West 6th Avenue
Vancouver BC





Please direct all sales inquiries for these works to Petley Jones Gallery.

The Undeniable Bravery of Your Average Balloonist – Michael Hermesh

The Undeniable Bravery of Your Average Balloonist by Michael Hermesh

This fabulous figurative mixed media sculpture by Michael Hermesh is 35 inches tall by eight inches wide and deep. The balloon adds still more height on its piano wire perch. Almost a mobile because the Balloon will move as you walk by or stir the air around it this work is available in a bronze version as well as the ceramic original. The ceramic original has a steel armature in the arm in order to support the balloon. The bronze version has a much more complex base.

Ceramic Version:

SOLD at The Avenue Gallery in Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC


Bronze Version:

Available at The White Rock Gallery, White Rock, BC

The balloonist stands on a towering precipice ready to fall or take flight. This is a jumping off point, the leap of faith that is creativity. The visual language that is used here is a tower. In other pieces I have used a diving board with similar intent. The opposite of these visual symbols would be a bridge – where a person uses it to change his location or circumstance with a predetermined outcome. While Religions tend to prefer the imagery of bridges, I believe that artists like diving boards.

An argument could be made that creativity is the most frightening of all activities because the outcome is always a mystery. At the same time creativity is an integral part of a sane life. The unexpectedness and non-linearity of creativity makes us fools. That’s a good thing.

Michael Hermesh

The Bread Crumb Man – Michael Hermesh

The Bread Crumb Man by Michael Hermesh – Preview; There Are No Secrets

This sculpture was a strong influence on his selection of a title and theme for his show. In this work there is a man wearing a tweed coat and carrying a briefcase. At his feet are trees bent to the wind. This sculpture is 25.5 inches high by 6 inches wide and deep.

Art is in part the mapping out of dream time. These maps are not as solid and as concrete as the directions you may follow on a GPS. In our own personal dream time our bread crumbs of truth are picked up and tucked away by an entity we consider not to be ourselves.

I do not sculpt to illustrate stories or ideas; the narrative attached to a piece always comes while sculpting it or after the piece is finished.

 As we go through life we have the feeling that there is a way back. Somehow we have the possibility to return to where we were before. Like Hansel and Gretel in the woods we drop crumbs. We take pictures, save mementos, create memories, and as we travel through life, behind us, the Bread Crumb Man picks up the crumbs and puts them in his suitcase. The Breadcrumb man may be a thief.

Michael Hermesh

The Bread Crumb Man by Michael Hermesh

Ceramic; 25.5 inches x 6 x 6 inches
There Are No Secrets,
November 8th to 29, 2012, Petley Jones Gallery

1554 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver BC V6J 1R2,
p: (604) 732 5353 | toll free: 1 888 732 5353 | f: (604) 732 5350 |