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Michael Hermesh’s New Show

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Michael Hermesh’s New Show – And So It Goes…

Opening on Thursday January 18, 2018

The Avenue Gallery

Artist Statement for Michael Hermesh’s new show:

My art concerns itself with the point of interaction between spirit and the real world. That interaction I would call the definition of narrative. The intersection of awareness information and intent.

The dramas we act out, the battles we fight, and the esthetics we see are almost purely symbolic since the present reality is always the cumulative dramatics of a world that is much deeper and fraught with history than we could ever take into consideration.

My contention is that all art is narrative, and all narrative is myth – in the non-cynical sense.

Michael Hermesh

There will also be 9 new brand new bronzes released at Michael Hermesh’s New Show. They will all be the first in the edition. Stay tuned as new photos will be added as we receive them from the foundry.

Flight School for Existentialists
Mixed Media Bronze Edition 2 of 15
14 x 13.75 x 5 inches

Perfect Symmetry on a Cloudless Day
Bronze Edition of 2 of 15
17.5 x 6.5 x 6 Inches plus balloon

Mocking Bird in an Orange Bush (Large)
20.5 x 28.5 x 49 inches
Bronze Edition 4 of 12

The Weight of Light – Michael Hermesh

The Weight of Light by Michael Hermesh;

“The Weight of Light” by Michael Hermesh is 27 inches tall by, 7 inches wide and 7 inches deep. It depicts a child standing on a drum and carrying a large fish. This work is currently on display at the Ruby Blues Winery, 917 Naramata Road in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. Make sure you stop in and see Prudence and the gang and do some tasting of their wonderful wines!

One of the things that an artist is … Is a creator of the peoples narrative.

Not that it’s propaganda for any particular narrative but it’s a statement that there is a more profound narrative than corporate narrative. Narrative is the responsibility of  the individual. This may be practice for the time when the only crimes possible are memory and story. Smiley faces for everyone!

Michael Hermesh

New Work – The Weight of Light by Michael Hermesh


Sadly we announce the closing of the group show: Terroir: Physically Speaking at the Penticton Art Gallery. The show was very well received with many people enjoying visiting the gallery to check out the work of the six artist involved. The  Exhibition tour and the Meet the artist talks were also very well attended. If you missed the show the Shaw TV video interview with Michael Hermesh and Wanda Lock is still available for you to have a look at.


The second interview is has an interview with two of the other Terroir; Physically Speaking artists
Johann Wessels and Stephan Bircher

The Flight Suite – Michael Hermesh

The Flight Suite, Michael Hermesh

The Flight Suite are a set of three smallish sculptures that will be revealed today at the White Rock Gallery’s December 2,2012 Winter Open House from Noon to 5PM. The first sculpture of a child flying a paper airplane is called Fly Now and is made of ceramic and paper is 12.5 inches tall. The second piece is the “Again, I Dreamt I Could Fly Again, which is a ceramic work that is 14.5 inches tall. The last work in this small series is the “Parachute Man”. A ceramic sculpture on a wood base that is 74 inches tall. The figure in this work is 8.5 inches tall.


The three pieces “Fly Now”, “Again, I Dreamt I could Fly Again”, and “Parachute man”
are 3 pieces done specifically for the White Rock Winter Open House, Sunday December 2 2012 Noon to 5 PM.

That they were a cohesive whole did not occur to me till I realized the commonality of the fight theme.

They are a cohesive narrative , not so much because they are 3 panels in a story board, though that would also work . Our relation ship to flying changes as we get older, in the end parachutes sturdy enough to carry the weight of baggage in a return journey to solid ground become a concern. And in the beginning we fly for the sake of flight.

Three thoughts about flying

  1. The most terrifying act a person can commit is an act of pure creativity. This is not to be confused with acts committed upon us, tortured homelessness, starvation and rampant climate destabilization are not swell to be sure, but they may be beyond our control, creativity is not. But it has no certainty of outcome… such as death .
  2. Flight is a perfect metaphor for my art as a whole. The boundless freedom of the soul is given the freedom of meaning by the weight of flesh.
  3. My first introduction to fight was not running outside to the sound of an airplane; and watching in amazement, though I am of an age and a geographical region where that certainly could be true. My first introduction to flight was lucid dreams, it was reality more real than the agreed upon. I flew – I had rules which governed my freedom, whether mine or someone else’s they did not lessen the joy.

In reflection, I believe reality is bounded by the contracts we make, and just as our prisons are defined by our bars so are our freedoms.

Michael Hermesh

Also available at this show are “Dog”. This is a 59.5 inch mixed media sculpture (ceramic, acrylic and metal) and a “Maquette for Calgary Zoo Proposal” that is 5.5 inches high.

The Long Moment – Michael Hermesh

The Long Moment by Michael Hermesh

The personal significance of this piece came to me as a compete surprise.

I was sculpting with the intent of exploring the theme of father and son. I came to realize that what I was sculpting was actually an exact moment in my past, a very vivid memory. I grew up in small town Saskatchewan, my father used to leave for longer periods to work in the north, one day about a week before Christmas my father was again on his way out the front door, I was sitting on the floor looking up at him when I had the strong thought; “pay attention and remember your father because you may never see him again.” He was dead soon after.

I also became conscious that I am now roughly the age of my father at that time. I realized that as I was sculpting my father I was to some extant doing a self-portrait. That father and child are both part of who I am now. The moment is with me always.

Michael Hermesh

The Long Moment by Michael Hermesh

There Are No Secrets,
November 8th to 29, 2012, Petley Jones Gallery

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