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The Undeniable Bravery of Your Average Balloonist – Michael Hermesh

The Undeniable Bravery of Your Average Balloonist by Michael Hermesh

This fabulous figurative mixed media sculpture by Michael Hermesh is 35 inches tall by eight inches wide and deep. The balloon adds still more height on its piano wire perch. Almost a mobile because the Balloon will move as you walk by or stir the air around it this work is available in a bronze version as well as the ceramic original. The ceramic original has a steel armature in the arm in order to support the balloon. The bronze version has a much more complex base.

Ceramic Version:

SOLD at The Avenue Gallery in Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC


Bronze Version:

Available at The White Rock Gallery, White Rock, BC

The balloonist stands on a towering precipice ready to fall or take flight. This is a jumping off point, the leap of faith that is creativity. The visual language that is used here is a tower. In other pieces I have used a diving board with similar intent. The opposite of these visual symbols would be a bridge – where a person uses it to change his location or circumstance with a predetermined outcome. While Religions tend to prefer the imagery of bridges, I believe that artists like diving boards.

An argument could be made that creativity is the most frightening of all activities because the outcome is always a mystery. At the same time creativity is an integral part of a sane life. The unexpectedness and non-linearity of creativity makes us fools. That’s a good thing.

Michael Hermesh