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God Picks Winners – Michael Hermesh

God Pick Winners by Michael Hermesh

This sculpture is made of plaster and steel and is 37.5 inches high by 13 x 13 wide and deep. It is a little outside the norm of Michael Hermesh’s work given that he has an abhorrence of violence and guns in general. It’s strength is in its statement – God Picks Winners.

When we try to control, censor, censure, or destroy artists – we lose. If the arts are ignored, the result is not that images and thoughts disappear – they continue. We are not short of aesthetic objects; the shelves are lined with them. Corporate logos such as the culturally neutered Inukshuk abound. Mindless flags, corporate imagery, and self-aggrandizement become high art. We light the void with soulless enthusiasm; there is so much to market and so little to value. We all live near what has become the one of the world’s largest art galleries – Walmart.

The Primary function of art is not to aggrandize, amuse, educate or direct. Art is to be lived. The value is found in a vibrant culture worth living in.

The living soul of the “Arts” is provided by the individual artist and not by committees or by the corporations.

Aesthetics will never go away – but they may become obscene.

Michael Hermesh

God Picks Winners by Michael Hermesh

Plaster with Steel Armature; 37.5 inches x 13 x 13 inches
There Are No Secrets,
November 8th to 29, 2012, Petley Jones Gallery

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