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Life Without the Ferryman
Life Without the Ferryman

More New Bronzes by Michael Hermesh

These are all brand New Bronzes by Michael Hermesh that are available through Mike’s show at The Avenue Gallery “And So It Goes”. The details and prices of each sculpture is listed below. Each work is finished in the traditional medium french brown patina along with highlights where appropriate. The Hat Box Man, Pocketa – Pocketa – Pocketa were both released last year and have been very well received. They are well into to their editions so make sure that you order one from one of Michael’s galleries before they are gone.

There will also be more New Bronzes by Michael Hermesh released later in 2018 – the details of which will soon be posted.

Where to Buy  The New Bronzes by Michael Hermesh

You can order these new bronze releases by Michael Hermesh through anyone of  Michael’s Galleries; The White Rock Gallery in White Rock BC, The Lloyd Gallery in Penticton BC, The Avenue Gallery in Oak Bay Vancouver Island, The Petley-Jones Gallery in Vancouver BC, and the Tutt Street Gallery in Kelowna BC. The artist endeavors to maintain stock at home so that these can be shipped to the gallery of your choice – if that gallery does not already have one.

Don’t miss your chance to own one of these new bronze releases by Michael Hermesh. All of the galleries have generous lay away plans.


As an artist I know I am not unique in experiencing serendipity, the silent helping hand always seems to be in evidence when I am on purpose with my art. Serendipity is the force, whether sentient or not, that aids the creative act.

Michael Hermesh
Bronze Edition of 15
25.5 x 15.25 x 3.5 Inches
1/15 Available at The Avenue Gallery

The Long Moment

The personal significance of this piece came to me as a complete surprise. I was sculpting with the intent of exploring the theme of father and son. I came to realize that what I was sculpting was actually an exact moment in my past, a very vivid memory. I grew up in small town Saskatchewan, my father used to leave for longer periods to work in the north. One day, about a week before Christmas, my father was again on his way out the front door, I was sitting on the floor looking up at him when I had the strong thought: pay attention and remember your father because you may never see him again. He was dead soon after.

I also became conscious that I am now roughly the age of my father at that time. I realized that as I was sculpting my father I was to some extent doing a self-portrait. That father and child are both part of who I am now. The moment is with me, always.

Michael Hermesh

Getting To Know You

(Feel free to turn the individuals in the sculpture) This is a piece designed in a light-hearted way to facilitate communication for a couple. Though I suppose it could be quite serious. The owners of the piece have the ability for it to be significant in any way they see fit, as any changes in rotation convey messages from one piece to the other in a very primal way.

It is a piece to be actively enjoyed and given meaning by the owners.

Michael Hermesh
Getting to Know You
Bronze Mobile Edition of 15
22.25 X 11 X 6 Inches
1/15 Available at The Avenue Gallery