Artist and Sculptor

Work Available at the Petley Jones Gallery

The following gallery depicts all of the Michael Hermesh sculpture available at the Petley Jones Gallery. Please scroll to the bottom to see what Michael has to say about these fabulous sculptures.

Ceramic Sculpture:

These  Michael Hermesh Sculpture pieces are all available at the

Petley Jones Gallery

1554 West 6th Avenue
Vancouver BC






Please direct all sales inquiries for these Michael Hermesh Sculpture pieces to Petley Jones Gallery.


The Inner Life of Birds

“The Inner Life of Birds” has an earthbound body.
The tragedy is not that this work is earthbound and cannot fly. The tragedy would be if flight no longer had meaning. We become our desires though we don’t all  get to become super hero’s like “The Inner Life of Birds”. However we do  become conscious of our own tragedies

Like Sisyphus we have a tale to tell of endeavor which becomes transcendent.

Michael Hermesh

Flight School for Existentialists

There is a consistent theme in my work in that much
of my sculpture concerns itself with the dichotomy of weight and flight. It is a  kind of Led Zeppelin, Iron Butterfly, Icarus dilemma. It is a universal concern and we face it alone. We also experience it in the context of the shared stories that are our identities.

Michael Hermesh

Human to a Fault

power is the promotion of narrative;

narrative is power

“I’m just a victim of my art”

Michael Hermesh