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The following works by Michael Hermesh White Rock Gallery are available at the White Rock Gallery. Be sure to check out Michael Hermesh’s Artist Statement for  “she was an animist“, and  “Pamphleteers Holiday“.


These sculptures by Michael Hermesh are all available at the

White Rock Gallery,

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she was an animist

I do not have a clue about how the universe is put together but I very much doubt it is put
together as a spiritual hierarchy. The idea of animism – where all things are treated with the respect due a spiritual entity does not seem like such a bad operating principal though. I love the idea that a rock exists because it wants to.

Michael Hermesh

Pamphleteers Holiday

Identity plays a large part in my art in so much as I consider all art to be narrative in terms of subject,
the viewer, or the message. A narrative without identity is at best a cold irrelevant equation. That being said a happy face is a generic idea of happiness without the messy encumbrances of humanity. Joy as a product is as rampant as it is vapid. Self abnegation is a by product of the propaganda of joy. Service to an economic cause is a mask that hides an emptiness of spirit.

Michael Hermesh

The three pieces “Fly Now”, “Again, I Dreamt I could Fly Again”, and “Parachute Man”
are 3 pieces done specifically for the White Rock Winter Open House, Sunday December 2 2012 Noon to 5 PM.

That they were a cohesive whole did not occur to me till I realized the commonality of the fight theme.

They are a cohesive narrative , not so much because they are 3 panels in a story board, though that would also work . Our relation ship to flying changes as we get older, in the end parachutes sturdy enough to carry the weight of baggage in a return journey to solid ground become a concern. And in the beginning we fly for the sake of flight.

Three thoughts about flying

  1. The most terrifying act a person can commit is an act of pure creativity. This is not to be confused with acts committed upon us, tortured homelessness, starvation and rampant climate destabilization are not swell to be sure, but they may be beyond our control, creativity is not. But it has no certainty of outcome… such as death .
  2. Flight is a perfect metaphor for my art as a whole. The boundless freedom of the soul is given the freedom of meaning by the weight of flesh.
  3. My first introduction to fight was not running outside to the sound of an airplane; and watching in amazement, though I am of an age and a geographical region where that certainly could be true. My first introduction to flight was lucid dreams, it was reality more real than the agreed upon. I flew – I had rules which governed my freedom, whether mine or someone else’s they did not lessen the joy.

In reflection, I believe reality is bounded by the contracts we make, and just as our prisons are defined by our bars so are our freedoms.

Michael Hermesh

Michael Hermesh White Rock Gallery