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Sculpture by Michael Hermesh Available at the Lloyd Gallery

Shared Vision (The Lawyers)

This piece is in large part a reflection on my thoughts about narrative in art. I feel that the art of iconic certainty does a disservice to the viewer. Art is dynamic; it has force and counter force and is to some degree a dichotomy as a realistic reflection of life and living.

The passion of the lawyers directed to a common ideal is given counterpoint by the varied interests held by the dogs.

We have goals and ambitions with a public face on them at the same time we have dreams and aspirations that are truly magic. These are dreams that are ours alone. I suspect that most people have forgotten what they are and that they are far more important, true, and real than the mundane, agreed upon ones.

My art tends to be about the dignity and quiet heroism of people. People as anonymous heroes in un-celebrated dramas, the dignity that gives value to strengths that do not need the yardsticks of approval or amortisement – this is the stuff of my art, dignity achieved through the will of desire.

This piece has been displayed at the international departure lounge of the Vancouver International Airport, as a bronze, under the Art Loans program for several years.

Michael Hermesh


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