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Flight School for Existentialists – Michael Hermesh

Flight School for Existentialists

This is one of the five brand new works that will be going into the Penticton Art Gallery for the group show called Terroir: Physically Speaking. It is  ceramic sculpture that is about 14 inches tall by 13.75 inches wide and 5 inches deep and is titled “Flight for Existentialists”. The theme is also brought out in the two main materials used, with the ephemera of the feather material  juxtaposed against solidity and weight of the ceramic and the distortion of scale in the weight being given to the lower extremities and the opposite to the upper torso.

 There is a consistent theme in my work in that much of my sculpture concerns itself with the dichotomy of weight and flight. It is a  kind of Led Zeppelin, Iron Butterfly, Icarus dilemma. It is a universal concern and we face it alone. We also experience it in the context of the shared stories that are our identities.

Michael Hermesh

Terroir: Physically Speaking

Opening March 22, 2013 7pm at the

Penticton Art Gallery

 199 Marina Way,
 Penticton, BC V2A 1H3
 Phone: 250.493.2928

This is a group show that includes Stephan BircherRose BraunMichael HermeshWanda LockShauna Oddleifson, and Johann Wessels

 This show will feature some New Sculpture, Paintings and Drawings by Michael Hermesh

This Sculpture is now available at the

Petley Jones Gallery

1554 West 6th Avenue
Vancouver BC





Please direct all sales inquiries for these works to Petley Jones Gallery.