Artist and Sculptor

Sales Of Michael Hermesh’s work at the Avenue Gallery

The Choir

We sing in the language of our circumstance. Sharing our words, the song is a greater harmony.

This is a Choir.

Existential nihilism is balanced by a metaphysical joke so incomprehensibly profound that it brings a balance a mystery and a beauty. Sisyphus finds meaning.

There is a faith that I subscribe to; the universe is ultimately beautiful and meaningful, without that assumption I could not produce art. The basis for this belief is, primarily, an inner subjective feeling objectively, my understanding that a scientific theory, if true is beautiful and so extrapolates to the idea that a meaningless universe would be ugly and inconsistent.

Michael Hermesh

These sculptures by Michael Hermesh were sold by the

The Avenue Gallery

2184 Oak Bay Avenue,
Victoria, British Columbia,
Vancouver Island, Canada, V8R 1G3