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The Blind Leading the Blind – Michael Hermesh Painting

The Blind Leading the Blind
The Madness Inherent in Confined Spaces

By Michael Hermesh

Mixed Media on Board
38 x 29 inches
39.5 x 30.75 Framed

By the act of defining a viewpoint you are creating a confined space.
Our perceptions are limited by our assumptions – our job is to keep challenging our own assumptions knowing that  it is an endless job. Look to Shiva.

Madness is responding to something that is not there – or not responding to something that is. It is quite normal again to perceive our assumptions as perceptions. There is no such thing as absolute sanity – it is a work in progress.

Michael Hermesh

 In this more modern version of Pieter Bruegel the Elders'”The Parable of the Blind Leading the Blind” – the figures expressions are more apathetic and disconnected with what is all going on around them. The narrative is very strong in this work with many small short stories embedded within the theme of turning a blind eye. The detail shots of this work only scratch the surface of all the small details  you can find in Michael Hermeshs’ painting. The video embedded at the bottom of the pageo will give you some interesting insight into the original work.

This is Michael Hermesh’s version of Pieter Breughel the Elder’s “Parable of the Blind” 1568

The plot of the original painting depicted an Evangelic parable about an irrational blind man,
who agreed to be a guide for his fellow-sufferers.

During several centuries, this parable served as a didactic lesson for people whose behavior was dominated by spiritual blindness. In the picture “The Blind Leading the Blind”, Pieter Brueghel tried to show the moral tragedy of humanity through the physical ugliness of his characters.

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